Design & Creation

James McCarty offers a range of services to his clients, taking them on a journey from initial sketches and concepts through to after care and beyond. An initial consultation involves talking at length through the client's preferences - metals, stones design options and personal style - before beginning work on their chosen piece and/or pieces of jewellery.

Each client consultation is extremely comprehensive, taking into account the piece's intended function along with each individual client's colouring, bone structure and personality.

James can design and work around any budget, and deadlines are strictly met. As an artisan and sole practitioner, he is also flexible enough to accommodate urgent requirements and ensure that the lines of communication remain open every step of the way.

"When someone walks into my studio I immediately see a world of possibility for them," says James. "As we start talking and exploring preferences, it's as if the designs that don't suit them just start to naturally fall away, leaving behind the most perfect interpretation of their personal style".

Commissions that James can design and make include:

Engagement rings • Wedding rings & bands • Rings • Ear studs • Earrings • Necklaces
Necklets • Pendants • Medals • Brooches • Bracelets • Bangles • Cuffs • Cufflinks
Almost anything that can be imagined...